CNY ’16 film diary

I had a much needed break during the Chinese New Year one-week holiday, early February. CNY follows the lunar calendar, and so although it’s like another New Year following the lunar calendar that the Chinese and Koreans celebrate. I’m not sure if there are more people who celebrate it but that’s all I know. Although I’m currently residing in Malaysia, the Chinese take up a big chunk of their population so we get to celebrate it for a whole WEEK. I really love CNY. Anyway, these are the photos I  took with my film camera during CNY week, and I hope you like them!




We went to Basaga for our IGCSE 2015 class reunion dinner sort of thing. More people than I expected showed up and it was quite nice! Walked over to Zinc after that with Lydia, Sheena and Dong ho and had some drinks & dessert. Then we squeezed into Lydia’s car with her parents and Duncan in it and went back home! It was a great night.


I think it was the 3rd day? The day I visited most houses, Ting’s, Ryan’s, Clarence’s, and Clarissa’s. The thing about visiting houses for a whole day is that you don’t actually really get to eat? Sure, there’s always lots of CNY food out on the table in every house but that can’t keep you full for a day! I need a meal.. Some houses did have buffet for lunch and dinner though. Ting, Ryan, Clarence and Badrya all live in the same neighbourhood! That’s pretty cool. And it was so easy for us to move around the houses.


Hope you liked it! It’s a little messy how I lay out my photos and words but I think I’ll get better with it. I’ll have another short photo post on other photos I got developed sooo stay tuned (?) !! Thanks for reading!

I love CNY in Kuching. I love how they celebrate it.


  1. Bakkwa hoe said:

    Really really missed CNY with you Schmitty hoe!!! Sadly we didnt get a chance to meet this year haih :( we were legit steps away from each other…. i think we are so star crossed we can rival katniss and peeta!


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