I just realised that, since whoever reads whatever I post here don’t know me, excluding my friends, and are like halfway across the world, I can delay my posts for as long as I want to without anyone knowing! Like if I went to Bako 2 months ago, I could still write about Bako now and pretend it happened last week, or a few days ago. I’m sure no one really cares, actually. Just a thought.

Anyways, did go to Bako last week. And I’m not lying. It was a practice trip for the The Duke of Edinburg’s International Award, Adventurous Journey which involved trekking, picking up litter & recording pollution levels, photographing wildlife and nature, and cooking our own meals for 3 days. Bako was really beautiful and I really really liked the trek there. The downside was that the accommodation was uncomfortable and dirty, it was unbelievably hot for the 1st and 3rd day (thank God the 2nd day was cool) and so! many! insect! bites! Otherwise, it was pretty great!

I have way too many photos so I think I’ll divide them up into 3 posts: Bako (itself), people at Bako (us), and the photos on film of Bako & people. Lol 3 posts just for Bako is kind of unnecessary but it’s my blog so whatever~

The sky




& Rock erosion patterns


I can’t think of a better way to arrange these photos in a more interesting way. Maybe I’m too lazy to think. That’s really bad.. I think being lazy is a really bad trait to have for now. Like there are so many people working so hard for what they want and yet so little manage to achieve it. So if you are lazy…. it’s like you’re totally out of the game. I wish I was more hardworking. I want to be those kind of people who, once they set their eyes on something they work crazy hard to get it. I think those kind of people are the people who succeed. I’m really far off from that. Very irrelevant to Bako, I know.

p.s. all these photos were taken with Michelle’s camera! technically, none of these are my photos. thanks Mich. 




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