bako on film









Sad about how the last one turned out :-( but I guess that’s the thing about film, you never know what you’ll end up with. Which is why it’s fun. My roll of film was only supposed to take 36 shots but I ended up with 37. Yes! Really liked how some of the photos turned out.

But film is so expensive! First of, the film roll I got (price varies with what film roll you get, the better, the more expensive (duh)) was RM 22. And it’s actually the only film I can find in Kuching at the moment. No actually, I just get whatever film, the only shop I find that sells film, stocks up on. It’s a small camera/photo shop in Everise BDC, if you’re interested. And if you know of a place that sells film in Kuching, please tell me. And then once I used up the roll of film, I bring it to a camera/photo shop in town called Top Colour. I develop the film and then I get it scanned onto a pen drive. And that costs Rm 33. In total, it’s RM 55. For 36 photos. Sigh. It’s such a luxury! I need to buy lunch! Anyway, yeap that is how it goes~ So if you find a film camera at home you should try it out. It’s quite fun. It’s really exciting when you take a roll of film and you forget about it, then you develop it a few months later. By then you’ve forgotten about whatever the heck you took and then you look through the photos you get back and it feels like you’re opening a present or something. It’s so exciting! Personally, it’s more exciting like that if you print the photos out and you go through the physical photos. But I don’t really print the photos I take anymore, I just view it digitally. Because it’s easier to share and it costs more and stuff. But of course you can do both.

p.s. there’s another shop that does developing and scanning for film called Apollo Digital Colour Lab, it’s in town as well. Apparently people say it’s cheaper and faster. Also, the last time I went to Top Colour to develop these films, they told me to go to Apollo as well because they pass it to them to develop it too or something like that. 


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