These pictures are from 2015! I miss the IGCSE days.

I remember posting this on my previous site along with a paragraph on what I felt about black and white photos. But now, I think it’s too cringey to write it here because my friends will see it and I will cry because they are the biggest bitches ever. There was a period of time when I really liked b&w photos, really sharpened and slightly grainy. I still do like them but I personally have a stepping back response (거부 반응, y’know) when I see a b&w Instagram feed. Don’t think I like that one. Nothing against it though, it’s just not my thing. I like colours a lot. Colours are important to me.

I’m starting to realise that I have no idea what the purpose of this blog is. Sigh. Why can’t I have 1 thing in my life under control. >:-(  And I was supposed to write about the K.K trip!! It’s been months. Aiyo.

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  1. Sulaiman said:

    I’m a huge fan


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