k.k. on film


Way overdue K.K. post. Here it goes,


I wouldn’t trust what I say too much, I probably forgot half of the things we did, and the order of it all. I’m probably making all this up.

I actually tried to recall the order and stuff, and I actually did write a paragraph on what we did but I decided to leave that to like a more detailed day to day post? Something like that. (I can’t promise there’ll even be one hahahah) So this will be more like a photo log. Photo post? Ah whatever.



Swimming in Sutera Harbour. I remember the first time I was in K.K. we ordered drinks here and I was so shocked at the prices of the drinks. That was really long ago. This trip was my third time in K.K. Also, I’m up for any pool that has a water slide. I really like water slides, except the fact that I have to climb up to slide down. Then we watched the sunset on the harbour. It had a really good view.


I find that the photos I take of skies don’t usually come out nice on film. I’ve always been frustrated how the digital photos I take of skies don’t look like the skies I see for myself. When will I be able to take it like how it looks?! Can all the tech-y people work harder. Please, and thank you.


The photo of the 3 of us was my first time using self-timer on my film camera. The colour of the photo looks a lot like one of the filters on the mac Photo Booth. I swear it wasn’t that. Though the macbook in the photo above strongly suggests otherwise hahahah, but really! And it’s like every time I see a mirror, I have to take a selfie. Crazy. That pose is embarrassing though.. Which is why I put it small. P.s. Sheena’s wearing shorts incase y’all start freaking out. Staying at a home, on a trip is the most comfortable thing ever. We watched ‘The Danish Girl’ in bed, it was the 2nd time I was watching it and I still think that Alicia Vikander acts really well. We watched ‘Edward Scissorhands’ as well! Finally got to watch it.  Who knew Johhny Depp could look so cute. I digress way too often.


Here’s 3 touristy shots of us. There are these graffiti stacks in front of this mall of which I forgot the name of. You could probably google it if you want to visit it. I’m sure it’s just a google search away. It wasn’t that cool honestly, but it was pretty amusing. I’ve always thought that graffitis, using spray paint to paint was the hardest form of art. Maybe below sculpting? Like I’ve used spray paints before, during D.T. projects lol, and it’s like smelly and hard to use. Hahahaha, I just can’t imagine how they do it so well! Highly impressed all the time. The ones in town in Kuching are nice too! I like the big ones on the side of the buildings. The ones that look like artists were actually commissioned to do them.








The island day,

cnv0000032cnv0000033This was at the harbour where we waited for the ship, and booked our island activities. We went to Sapi Island. Thinking about it, wished we went to Manukkan as well. But Sapi was beautiful, so it’s all right I guess.cnv000002cnv000006cnv000003

cnv0000011cnv0000012cnv0000035 We tried jet ski, the parachute looking thing, and flying fish. We snorkelled a little too. I hate how salty the sea water is. Wish the ocean was filled with fresh water. dhcnv0000037 Jet skiing was so fun. It was so fast. Like really really fast. Who knew I’d be enjoying speed. But it felt really nice to be so fast on the water. It took me awhile to be able to steer the handles properly though.cnv0000038

Shout out to Adelphi & Co. because their food was amazing. It was so amazing I thought about it for a week after I got back. But it was super pricey, so if it was in Kuching I could afford to go like once a month. If you ever happen to walk into the shop, try the hotcake, the lava cake was good but like way too expensive for a lava cake, this mutton soup thing oh my god I can’t remember the names. I’ll just post this like this then I’ll ask Sheena and I’ll come back to edit it. Another thing I ate that I loved was the Fook Yuen bread. It’s just simple kaya butter toast? But the bread is soo o ooo oo o soft. So soosososos soft. While the toasted part is very crunchy? The nicely toasted feeling. I don’t think crunchy is the right word but I can’t think of another word.

Dreary way back home. Actually, I don’t remember if I was sad to go back or if I was a little glad to go back home. When I look at the photos, they look really bleak and miserable so I feel like I might have been sad but Dong Ho’s so smiley and all so.. I don’t know. (Also, we stayed for 4 days, but I’ve only marked the 1st day and 2nd day. They are all jumbled up anyway so, just ignore it.)


K.K. on film, end. Thanks for reading guys.





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