2017 jan

some film from the first month of 2017,  featuring the best CNY I’ve ever spent in Kuching and my cousin (and brother, but he probably won’t appear here) coming back for their Winter break.

so the film camera I used to use broke in Korea 2 months ago, and I’m currently using an older and simpler camera my parents bought when they went on their honeymoon. it was quite surprising because I used the exact same film I used to use (god, is there another phrase for used to use) but the colours of the film came out so different! usually my film photos come out with really clear and striking colours but this time the colours came out very soft. so all my photos look very calming this time round. you can see the difference if you see last year’s cny post. not very sure if I like this better, but I sure don’t dislike it. enjoy.


I feel like I didn’t really visit many houses this cny but it was honestly, really really fun. I think it’s partly due to the fact that I joined in on the gambling games this year! I never did till now.. and now I can’t unsee it. cny without the gambling? heck, no. also, in-between is the best game ever.


course, we celebrated lunar new year the Korean way as well (eating rice cake soup!) but I didn’t get to 세배 to my parents. I’m far from a patriot but honestly I think Hanbok is the prettiest traditional clothing there is. the De Summit kids went knocking at every Korean door, collecting their $$. so cute though! and I met up with Idris and Hyerim for pasta (<3) and some cakes. short cake review here: the salted caramel cake was truly salty, the tiramisu felt soggy, and that berry cake was strangely nice! from Chinahouse.


Honestly sometimes I look at the photos I take and think they’re really nice. But then I wonder, am  I just taking photos really well or is it just because my friends are really pretty. it’s a thought to think about okay! because, without any fluff, most of my friends are really pretty. seriously.




Having your brother back isn’t really very special at all. But perks were: him being available to drive me 24/7, him not minding to cook if he’s hungry as well regardless of the time, 3 a.m. was fine too, having someone to share the mother’s anger (less for me! yay!), and that’s pretty much it. oh and nerf gun war. and my cousin and her belly… beats all my brother’s perks.


the last photos look a little different. they weren’t edited at all. I think it’s because the film roll was really old. It was the one that was already inside the camera my parents bought really long ago. 1. playing Hally Gally with her everyday, and winning everyday. 2. at 101, she didn’t really seem to like the food at kopitiams at first but then she tried roti canai cheese (she doesn’t even like cheese) and asked for ‘cheese bread’ every damn day. 3. some scary cat @ someone’s house. 4. my sticker collection that I decided to give her. 5. she was getting really fat so we jokingly said that she shouldn’t be allowed to eat after 8 p.m. but she took that seriously and when dinner was a little late, she’d start getting really worried. it was so funny.

It’s been so long since I’ve posted something here! Actually wanted to write a post on my Korea trip last Nov-Dec but.. there’s a lot to talk about so I find it very hard to start. Anyway, hope you liked the photos! till next time, ciao. 

  1. Bakkwa hoe said:

    Pls post pics of me


  2. Bakkwa hoe said:

    Pls post pics of me pls pls you already took some of me


    • ysngmn said:

      hahahah oh my god, i will once I get the pictures!


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