procrastination 101

1. paint your nails. simply just paint it. because it’s such a relief to be doing something that requires no thought process, i really like simple labour as a form of relaxation. i love not having to think and doing something. like cutting out paper for decoration, or colouring in something with one colour, just anything repetitive and simple. maybe i was born for the factory. born for the production line lmao. just fyi, i used to be really into painting nails before i started my a levels. now i have zero interest or desire to paint it

2. the web:

  • instagram– go through your feed, go through your feed and smile at your old photos, look through the instagrams of celebrities you never cared about, look through the instagrams of all the brands you like, look through instagrams of people you used to know, look through funny instagrams and scroll down their entire feed until you reach the point where you last did this
  •  youtube– this is the worst place. you can spend a range of 5 mins to 4 hours here
  • tumblr- scroll through and queue all the beautiful photos and funny text posts until you get sick of how tumblr everything is
  • pinterest– usually forget about the existence of this website, but when i don’t, make like 5 more boards you’ll never fill, title it something that you think is cute but find stupid the next time you come back
  •– so much choice here, take your pick
  • google search– you can surprise yourself with how much time you can spend here

3. clear out your phone gallery! amazing place to spend quality time with your memories while deleting the ones you don’t need. especially the whatsapp gallery. there’s also a feeling of satisfaction when you delete huge chunks of photos. it’s almost cathartic, really.

4. take care of your stationeries- sharpen every pencil you own, check on all the pens on whether they have ink, and if they don’t, throw them away (also another source of satisfaction), refill all your mechanical pencils with 3 leads each and .. if you have the materials and the time, label all your stationeries with your name

5. write meaningless blogposts like these

6. if you have reached that point where you have removed all devices of distraction e.g. phones, laptops, ipads, and you are sitting in a place of no distractions, simply think. nothing can stop your thoughts. you can spend lots of time just thinking & imagining. basically if you have reached this point where you find yourself not having done anything and found that you have just been staring into space thinking of other useless (or maybe important, depends) things, you’re fucked. because you have no way to stop that. boo hoo.

7. deciding what to listen to while studying! it’s always too loud or too soft or too much edm or ‘i don’t relate to these lyrics’. just never right, until it is right. to be frank, if your exam is tomorrow, and you are battling this out, i suggest you not listen to music at all. (i am trying to be a good friend)

8. try to get your life together in a cute notebook. plan for the future with details…….. such as writing things down like, ‘marry rich guy at 32!’, ‘own a chow chow, a jaguar, a flamingo, a bear, a panda, a cheetah, a sloth, a platypus when i grow up’, ‘get rich!’, ‘buy maserati’, ‘see an exploding volcano’. y’know, just some realistic details of how you want to live your life. it’s time you get your shit together.

9. i’ve wasted too much time writing this. i have a chemistry p4 exam in 2 days. i really hate myself sometimes. fml. okay, if you’re reading this, and have an exam in the coming 3 days, i gently urge you to go back to studying. i will attempt to do so too. good bye. thanks for reading this. much love. please comment. i like comments. but no one comments except my hoe.


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