I went back to Korea for a bit longer than 2 weeks in Aug-Sept recently. It was just a short trip to see my brother for a while and have some good food. Here’s some film photographs from there! Actually shot a lil less than a roll only.

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#1 coolest thing I saw in Korea. I was standing at a bus stop in Nonsan, where my brother had his training. And I was like.. wait what. Is that a slide from a window to the ground?? Holy.


The sunset view I watched while going down the escalator at a train station. We were trying to get all the way to Gwang Ju, which is really far from where I stay, to attend a funeral of someone I don’t personally know. The small glimpses of the sky I could only catch through the tall scrapers made the beautiful sky seem even more magical.

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My grandma getting her usual perm at her usual salon.

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We tried 6 times because it was 1000 won for each time and I only had 6000 won with me. Unfortunately, we didn’t win even once. We promised each other that we would return the next day with more money and win a plushie. Our hopes were trashed by our aunt who banned us from returning.

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I wanted to try a bagel shop I read about online. So I picked HB from school at 5 and we carefully followed Naver Map’s instructions on how to get there. We got on the right bus and got off on the right stop but I just couldn’t figure out the map for the walking part. Scared of getting lost, scared of it getting too dark, scared of Korea in general, we decided to go back home after getting ice cream from the local mart. But I asked the shop keeper and he kindly gave us directions so we managed to get to the bagel shop that had heavenly cream cheese. So good.

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3 generations.

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Grandma. I’m sorry I couldn’t focus.

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개 조심. Beware of dogs.

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HB playing badminton at the park that I visited with her at night for about 5 days straight. We had so much fun going around asking dog owners permission to touch their dogs.

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My brother has gone to army! He has completed his first 5 weeks of training (the picture below is the leaving(?) ceremony for that), and today, he has finished his extra 3rd week of training at his assigned army(?) and has been assigned to his final post where he’ll be working at until he is done with his service. I’m glad all the tough training and adapting is over for him. Hope he meets good people where he’s at now!

Order, then disorder. Soldiers reunite with their families for the first time after their first 5-weeks training.


That would be all- xx

(see you soon)


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On a very ordinary day, when the light fills the house and every corner looks beautiful.

Also, I’m thinking of photographing more fruits (like the avocados above), it was very fun.  Also, I had a very difficult time deciding whether I wanted the letterings on the first photo.

The Rainforest World Music Festival (often abbreviated as RWMF) is an annual three-day music festival celebrating the diversity of world music, held in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, with daytime music workshops, cultural displays, craft displays, food stalls, and main-stage evening concerts. (from wiki)

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  • no, it isn’t all just drinking
  • the music was really nice
  • you have to dance, and it’s crazy
  • your feet will hurt like hell but it’s worth it
  • tickets aren’t exactly cheap so you should buy the early bird tickets a few months prior the event, but it’s worth it
  • i stayed with 10 friends of mine in a room meant for 2 people
  • that wasn’t nice
  • you should really try to book a room way before if you don’t want that to happen
  • but it was so fun, really fun

Just wanted to say, I had so much fun and had a wonderful time at the festival with my friends. And that I will definitely go again. And that you should go.

p.s. to the friends I went with, thanks for such a great time !

CNV000018 (1).jpg

View from my veranda during sunset. It was raining as well.

This is the only photo that came out nice from my most recent roll of film. It was a little upsetting because it was the first roll I took with my manual film camera that I got off Carousell. Also, I was using Superia 400 for the first time instead of my usual Superia 200 (it’s like a few bucks more expensive). So I was really excited to see how the photos would develop. But half of the roll was exposed, and what was left wasn’t that great either. I was so bummed. But this one came out really nice. I think it captured the feeling, the warmness of a golden hour, with the wet tennis courts with the slight reflections (!!) really well. I graduated a few weeks ago and my friends are starting to leave Kuching permanently. I still have the rest of the year left here but I know I have to slowly say good bye to all my friends, and to Kuching as well. So I want to take loads of photos of Kuching, the places that we used to go, and of my friends. Leaving is so exciting and good byes are so sad. Everything feels nostalgic these days.

on a side note: film photography as a hobby is so fucking expensive. course, if you don’t fuck it up and take 36 perfect photos it’s all worth the money. seriously, the excitement and the butterflies i feel while i wait for my photos to be developed and scanned…. makes me realise this is what it means to do something you love. it’s just so exciting to wait for your pictures. and i feel so so proud and happy when i take a good one. but doesn’t mean that i want it as a career though.  like i think it’ll be the perfect stress release(?) for my future stresses(?). idk i think i’m really lucky to have found something that i genuinely enjoy that can be completely disconnected with whatever i study/work. i feel like it’ll play a very big role in keeping me alive. 

CNV000001Kim & Sheena packing sandwiches. We had like a production line. We slept over at sheen’s place to get all the food ready for sheen’s birthday picnic. Honestly we did really well. Long labour but we made a big bowl of pasta, turkey ham & cheese sandwiches, blueberry cheesecake and alcoholic punch. And literally everything tasted so good. It was actually pretty fun making them too.

CNV000002CNV000003CNV000004CNV000005CNV000006CNV000007You know what makes a good picture? Pretty friends. Initially wanted to have our picnic at the second beach at Permai, but the lady said no food was allowed in so we decided to move to Damai Central which ended up being a great idea.

CNV000008CNV000010CNV000011CNV000012 (1)CNV000013CNV000014CNV000015CNV000016CNV000017CNV000018CNV000019I moved! Light enters my new room more easily, which I love but it can get really hot. Oh and the sky view is so so much better. Sunset time is always beautiful. And look at that! Film is just always so much nicer with light. Photos are just generally nicer with nice light.


Celebrated Julie & Becca’s birthday @ Sanga. Then moved to Zinc. Night filled with laughter. Always so .. nice to be with them. The last photo was actually supposed to be like… cooler.. hahaha, but after I told them to pose, the camera wouldn’t focus, so they got tired of posing, and then it worked. Lyd brought back my new film camera from KL! It’s completely manual so I have no idea how to use it, all the aperture, um ISO, stuff like that. So I have to practice, and hope I can take better photos! But like how to practice with film…. I don’t even know..

CNV000030A disco ball was ALWAYS on my wish list. Becca (T.) had it at her party, and I wanted it so badly. So so pretty. Look at the light!! I hope my dorm mate in uni would agree with me on changing our light to a disco ball. Honestly, if I do meet a dorm mate like that, I’d get along so well. I’m so scared and excited about uni life in Korea. It’s going to be so difficult & different & so fun.

CNV000031CNV000032Becca (T.) has a trampoline in her backyard (her house is huge), and we tried going on it and it was so fun. Jocelyn, PJ and I jumped till we all had to pee. It was a very cool night so it just felt great.

CNV000033CNV000034CNV000035Our new favourite place to go, Kim Joo. Lots of faves in this alley, there’s Speakeazy and Pincho as well.


Now I’ll probably stay put at home and study for my trials and A2. I mean, I should.  I really I hope I will. PLEASE stay put. And like study. Please. And so many things to do after A2 is over! Can’t wait. Excluding uni app. I am looking forward to everything. I’ll get my license, go and take photos on the airport road with sheen. Visit KL with the 5 of us?? Go to rainfest! (for the first time!) Work & earn $$$$. Bring lyd to Bako!!  Get terrified of moving to Korea. Climb Mt. KK with some of my friends? (I really hope this works out) Family trip (probably, hopefully) before sang goes to army hahahahah. Spend time with friends before they leave. Ahh so many things to look forward to. How wonderful.

some film from the first month of 2017,  featuring the best CNY I’ve ever spent in Kuching and my cousin (and brother, but he probably won’t appear here) coming back for their Winter break.

so the film camera I used to use broke in Korea 2 months ago, and I’m currently using an older and simpler camera my parents bought when they went on their honeymoon. it was quite surprising because I used the exact same film I used to use (god, is there another phrase for used to use) but the colours of the film came out so different! usually my film photos come out with really clear and striking colours but this time the colours came out very soft. so all my photos look very calming this time round. you can see the difference if you see last year’s cny post. not very sure if I like this better, but I sure don’t dislike it. enjoy.


I feel like I didn’t really visit many houses this cny but it was honestly, really really fun. I think it’s partly due to the fact that I joined in on the gambling games this year! I never did till now.. and now I can’t unsee it. cny without the gambling? heck, no. also, in-between is the best game ever.


course, we celebrated lunar new year the Korean way as well (eating rice cake soup!) but I didn’t get to 세배 to my parents. I’m far from a patriot but honestly I think Hanbok is the prettiest traditional clothing there is. the De Summit kids went knocking at every Korean door, collecting their $$. so cute though! and I met up with Idris and Hyerim for pasta (<3) and some cakes. short cake review here: the salted caramel cake was truly salty, the tiramisu felt soggy, and that berry cake was strangely nice! from Chinahouse.


Honestly sometimes I look at the photos I take and think they’re really nice. But then I wonder, am  I just taking photos really well or is it just because my friends are really pretty. it’s a thought to think about okay! because, without any fluff, most of my friends are really pretty. seriously.




Having your brother back isn’t really very special at all. But perks were: him being available to drive me 24/7, him not minding to cook if he’s hungry as well regardless of the time, 3 a.m. was fine too, having someone to share the mother’s anger (less for me! yay!), and that’s pretty much it. oh and nerf gun war. and my cousin and her belly… beats all my brother’s perks.


the last photos look a little different. they weren’t edited at all. I think it’s because the film roll was really old. It was the one that was already inside the camera my parents bought really long ago. 1. playing Hally Gally with her everyday, and winning everyday. 2. at 101, she didn’t really seem to like the food at kopitiams at first but then she tried roti canai cheese (she doesn’t even like cheese) and asked for ‘cheese bread’ every damn day. 3. some scary cat @ someone’s house. 4. my sticker collection that I decided to give her. 5. she was getting really fat so we jokingly said that she shouldn’t be allowed to eat after 8 p.m. but she took that seriously and when dinner was a little late, she’d start getting really worried. it was so funny.

It’s been so long since I’ve posted something here! Actually wanted to write a post on my Korea trip last Nov-Dec but.. there’s a lot to talk about so I find it very hard to start. Anyway, hope you liked the photos! till next time, ciao. 


Conditions to be met for a safe hitchhiking experience, with no organ black market involved:

  1. Wave at a huge family car, a Hilux would be nice.
  2. Wave at a huge family car, with a family inside.
  3. Wave at a huge family car, with a mother inside.
  4. Strip if you’re hot. (maybe not)
  5. Do not wave at small shady cars.
  6. Do not wave at small shady cars, filled with men.

-Discussed by Sul and me on the road to our starting point.

If you want to climb Mt. Santubong, it’s free and open to visitors every day if I’m not mistaken. You have to register at the registration point before you climb it, and you can park your car there as well. But there’s 2 openings you could start from, one being the registration point and the other about 10 minutes down the road from the registration point on foot. You can’t park your car there because it’s just next to a road. If you want to go to the waterfall, I think the registration point is a better starting point. And if you’re thinking of just climbing to the summit, the 2nd starting point would make a shorter trek.