I shot 4 rolls of film in Vietnam. I’m not quite sure if that’s a lot or little for a week spent there! But it was my first time sending 4 rolls to the shop for developing, at the same time, so it was pretty exciting. And… also pretty expensive. Here goes a very picture heavy post. (I thought about separating places into different posts but then, then some would be too short so yeah)


Fruit vendors in Hanoi, Vietnam Streets of Hanoi, VietnamCNV000018CNV000015CNV000017CNV000009CNV000010CNV000005CNV000028

Cat Ba island – Lan Ha Bay


Mui Ne


Ho Chi Minh city


Whew. That’s a lot to take in. I want to write another post on some of the details, sooo it’s just gonna be pictures here! (But I always end up failing to write a follow-up… ) Most of the photos I took in Ho Chi Minh was of my Airbnb that was super cute. You can get RM 105 off with this link !

Where to get film processed in Hanoi, Vietnam?

I googled that because I wanted to get a roll developed when I arrived in Hanoi. This excellent page answers it perfectly. Among the many film labs suggested, I visited Lab 36+ because it was the nearest to where I stayed. And I highly highly highly highly recommend it. The colours came out so! nice! I don’t know, it could have been that maybe my skills had improved and I had just taken better photos, but I doubt that. I think they just develop film very well….. I don’t know much about developing film and how much it can alter your photos but, the point here is that you should get your film process at Lab 36+. Oh, and guess what? It’s RM 6 to develop+scan 1 roll. … amazing???!??!??!? isn’t it. I paid RM 80 to get 4 rolls processed back here in Kuching… 또르르….

Anyway, I’ll be back REAL soon. I really hope I do. If I don’t write about Vietnam now, I will forget every detail and never write about it. So. Keep your eyes PEELED. Bye!


room, 방

CNV000030 (1)

CNV000033 (1)

CNV000031 (1)

where I’m most comfortable at, 내가 가장 편한 곳 

on film.

Film photos from the month of September through October. My focus is rubbish, I know. I apologise for the uncomfortableness discomfort you may feel from looking at all the out-of-focus photos. They sure affect me a little. This is actually my 2nd time posting these photos because I posted them with some edits but it degraded the quality of the photos quite a bit. I’ll figure out a way not to compromise on either side. I promise. To myself (which are really the hardest promises to break because the disappointment sort of kills you and you just sort of shrink into a mess until you decide you should actually keep your promise). Here goes-

CNV000007 (1)CNV000010 (1)CNV000008 (1)

Café date with Shawn, watching Sheena sing for the gig at Madeline in Spring. My memory isn’t so great, ever, but I think the tickets were at RM 60 per person. It included drinks, cakes, sandwiches and live music, of course. With the amount of food they provided, I wouldn’t say RM 60 was expensive. But. We simply couldn’t eat it all. I don’t know what it is about Madeleine cakes but I just can’t have too much of them. They taste good and all but I can’t even finish a slice alone. And that’s so strange. I could have like 4 slices of Earthlings blueberry cheesecake if I could afford it. Anyway, so for the amount they provided it’s worth the price but for the amount we ate, it was okay. Plus it wasn’t the best venue to enjoy the music either. Or maybe it was just the other guests who just couldn’t stop talking, very loudly at that. The music was nice, Sheena and Joyce sang all my favourite songs. But man, did we crave some trashy radio music when we got in the car after 2 hours of acoustic music.

CNV000011 (2)CNV000001 (2)CNV000002 (3)

I always want to take more photos of my friends. But I lack new ideas, new backgrounds/places, and friends. I’m always taking shoulder-up photos of Sheena. I need new ideas and new faces (though I love you Sheen, and your face). I’m just so stuck in thinking of new ideas for photos. But I love it regardless. Photos of Rebecca with white flowers were taken at Lydia’s house when we visited to give her and Ms. Ng milk tea. It’s our poor form of support for our friend. Go Lyd! The first photo of Sheen was taken in front of a random house we found driving around neighbourhoods looking for a tree/ bush with plenty of flowers. And the second photo of Sheen was taken at Chinahouse while renovations were still going on. To digress here a little bit, renovations are over and Commons is now open! Different menu and interior. So much more open, it’s really beautiful! And new board games are available too! The 3D snakes and ladders was baffling to set up the first time, but it was so fun. In the second photo of Sheena, she looks super I-love-this-breeze-life-is-beautiful but NO, not at all. There were these huge black flies on the grass and they were those fearless types that won’t budge even if you go near them. It was so so scary. We took that photo and got the fuck out of there. The place itself was a very nice place to take photos at and we were planning to take photos there for so! damn! long. If you live in Kuching and can guess where that is… that’s pretty cool.

CNV000026 (1)CNV000027 (1)

FESTIVITIES! The above photos were taken on Lunar New Year at the Friendship park. There were so many people there and it was filled with lanterns, people carrying them, flying(?) them and many hanging on tree branches. It was beautiful and I loved it. There’s this big sign that says ‘No Kong Ming lanterns’ (along the lines of) but it’s like almost everyone’s sending off big red lanterns into the sky. It was really pretty. You can actually see the bright red dots filling the sky from most places. I used to watch from the balcony all the time and it was my first time going to the park and sending off one of my own. Becca and I bought a red heart-shaped one (accidentally) for RM 4, didn’t want to pay for a lighter nor a marker so I borrowed both from people around us :-), scribbled some wishes and sent it floating into the sky, joining the myriad of red dots.

CNV000021 (1)CNV000017 (1)CNV000015 (1)CNV000016 (1)

CNV000018 (1)These were at the mooncake festival in town. Super crowded. Sort of like Kuching Food Fest but squeezed into one street. The next few photos are all my other halves..

CNV000034 (1)CNV000035 (1)CNV000036 (1)Oktober fest @ tHe Spring with my friends! I swear every photo I take that has Ryan in it either doesn’t come out on my roll at all or something bad just happens to it like the one above. I blame Ryan. Last photo is of the Kim Joo street. A street I go to so often, it’s one of those places in Kuching I feel at home. It was also the street the mooncake festival was squeezed into.

Thanks for reading through. Update: I’ve finally saved up enough to buy my digital camera. A little pat pat for myself. Wanted to bring the new camera to Vietnam but I won’t be able to get it by then so… :-( :-( :-( I’m upset, I thought it would have been the best time to try out a new camera and learn something. My film camera would have to do. :’-)

I went back to Korea for a bit longer than 2 weeks in Aug-Sept recently. It was just a short trip to see my brother for a while and have some good food. Here’s some film photographs from there! Actually shot a lil less than a roll only.

CNV000020 (1)

#1 coolest thing I saw in Korea. I was standing at a bus stop in Nonsan, where my brother had his training. And I was like.. wait what. Is that a slide from a window to the ground?? Holy.


The sunset view I watched while going down the escalator at a train station. We were trying to get all the way to Gwang Ju, which is really far from where I stay, to attend a funeral of someone I don’t personally know. The small glimpses of the sky I could only catch through the tall scrapers made the beautiful sky seem even more magical.

CNV000021 (1)CNV000024 (1)CNV000025 (1)

My grandma getting her usual perm at her usual salon.

CNV000031 (1)CNV000027 (1)

We tried 6 times because it was 1000 won for each time and I only had 6000 won with me. Unfortunately, we didn’t win even once. We promised each other that we would return the next day with more money and win a plushie. Our hopes were trashed by our aunt who banned us from returning.

CNV000033 (1)

I wanted to try a bagel shop I read about online. So I picked HB from school at 5 and we carefully followed Naver Map’s instructions on how to get there. We got on the right bus and got off on the right stop but I just couldn’t figure out the map for the walking part. Scared of getting lost, scared of it getting too dark, scared of Korea in general, we decided to go back home after getting ice cream from the local mart. But I asked the shop keeper and he kindly gave us directions so we managed to get to the bagel shop that had heavenly cream cheese. So good.

CNV000037 (1)

3 generations.

CNV000014 (1)

Grandma. I’m sorry I couldn’t focus.

CNV000017 (1)CNV000019 (1)

개 조심. Beware of dogs.

CNV000018 (1)CNV000029 (1)

HB playing badminton at the park that I visited with her at night for about 5 days straight. We had so much fun going around asking dog owners permission to touch their dogs.

CNV000032 (1)

My brother has gone to army! He has completed his first 5 weeks of training (the picture below is the leaving(?) ceremony for that), and today, he has finished his extra 3rd week of training at his assigned army(?) and has been assigned to his final post where he’ll be working at until he is done with his service. I’m glad all the tough training and adapting is over for him. Hope he meets good people where he’s at now!

Order, then disorder. Soldiers reunite with their families for the first time after their first 5-weeks training.


That would be all- xx

(see you soon)

home5CNV000033 (1)CNV000032 (1)CNV000031 (1)CNV000030 (1)CNV000029 (1)CNV000028 (1)CNV000027 (1)CNV000025 (1)CNV000026 (1)CNV000023

On a very ordinary day, when the light fills the house and every corner looks beautiful.

Also, I’m thinking of photographing more fruits (like the avocados above), it was very fun.  Also, I had a very difficult time deciding whether I wanted the letterings on the first photo.

The Rainforest World Music Festival (often abbreviated as RWMF) is an annual three-day music festival celebrating the diversity of world music, held in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, with daytime music workshops, cultural displays, craft displays, food stalls, and main-stage evening concerts. (from wiki)

CNV000016 (1)

CNV000015 (1)

CNV000013 (1)CNV000018 (1)CNV000012 (2)CNV000019 (1)CNV000011 (2)CNV000020 (1)CNV000023

CNV000022 (1)CNV000021 (1)

  • no, it isn’t all just drinking
  • the music was really nice
  • you have to dance, and it’s crazy
  • your feet will hurt like hell but it’s worth it
  • tickets aren’t exactly cheap so you should buy the early bird tickets a few months prior the event, but it’s worth it
  • i stayed with 10 friends of mine in a room meant for 2 people
  • that wasn’t nice
  • you should really try to book a room way before if you don’t want that to happen
  • but it was so fun, really fun

Just wanted to say, I had so much fun and had a wonderful time at the festival with my friends. And that I will definitely go again. And that you should go.

p.s. to the friends I went with, thanks for such a great time !

CNV000018 (1).jpg

View from my veranda during sunset. It was raining as well.

This is the only photo that came out nice from my most recent roll of film. It was a little upsetting because it was the first roll I took with my manual film camera that I got off Carousell. Also, I was using Superia 400 for the first time instead of my usual Superia 200 (it’s like a few bucks more expensive). So I was really excited to see how the photos would develop. But half of the roll was exposed, and what was left wasn’t that great either. I was so bummed. But this one came out really nice. I think it captured the feeling, the warmness of a golden hour, with the wet tennis courts with the slight reflections (!!) really well. I graduated a few weeks ago and my friends are starting to leave Kuching permanently. I still have the rest of the year left here but I know I have to slowly say good bye to all my friends, and to Kuching as well. So I want to take loads of photos of Kuching, the places that we used to go, and of my friends. Leaving is so exciting and good byes are so sad. Everything feels nostalgic these days.

on a side note: film photography as a hobby is so fucking expensive. course, if you don’t fuck it up and take 36 perfect photos it’s all worth the money. seriously, the excitement and the butterflies i feel while i wait for my photos to be developed and scanned…. makes me realise this is what it means to do something you love. it’s just so exciting to wait for your pictures. and i feel so so proud and happy when i take a good one. but doesn’t mean that i want it as a career though.  like i think it’ll be the perfect stress release(?) for my future stresses(?). idk i think i’m really lucky to have found something that i genuinely enjoy that can be completely disconnected with whatever i study/work. i feel like it’ll play a very big role in keeping me alive.